The expanding of the sex market, what are the consequences?

The sex market has, as well as all other markets around the world, developed and changed a tremendous amount during the last 10-20 years. The biggest change being the way it is distributed, and the increasing amount of production of both pornography and merchandise due to the amazing discovery, the world wide web (the internet or WIFI as it is called today). It is actually through this platform that the sex market flourished and has began to thrive. However, the internet has also caused a negative side to the sex industry. The bigger an industry becomes, the more “employees” are needed and wanted. This is a problem because even though it might provide money for more people and big porn distributers and gigolos, it does open the society up to a maybe too liberal view on what sex really is about and how we can treat people who are sex workers. And this has affected the public as well. This expansion and openness of the sex market has caused our culture around sex to change.


Let’s be honest, everyone has watched or watch porn regularly, and it is suddenly expected in most of the western societies to be open and general about ones’ sex life and experiences, ass well as it is expected that you never feel like anyone has done you injustice by asking about or suggesting sexual encounters. The fil industry doesn’t exactly help with producing high demand films like the fifty shades series, which only makes the S&M market blow through the roof, and creating an environment where filming abusive sex scenes is something an actor will have to accept inn order to “make it”. This sets and example for young girls and boys that there isn’t actually that big of a difference between working in the sex industry and working in the film industry, as well as bringing to the table that abusive methods of sex is suddenly okay.


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