Feedback from class week 35

So today in class we did som exercies for building trust and confindence inside our english group. I thought that was a good idea because i feel we are a somewhat quiet and shy class, exept for me of course. I thought the exercises were good, thoug we only scratched the surface when it comes to getting the other sudents to talk, raise tehir hands and participate because when we came back to the classroom the athmosphere had changed back to nervous, quiet and stiff, just like the first day. I think we need to work more in groups, and that Dave should to make us only speak english in class.

My expectations for the day was fulfilled except i really like watching  videos and discussing out loud woth the entire class afterwords, which we have not done yet because the calss does not participate enough yet, because we are still insecure aruond each other.

My emotions during the exercises where;

  • Uncomfortable, When we had to walk into eacho other with our eyes closed and suddenly some one stepped on my feet or i bumped in to someone i dont know.
  • Happy, when we were doing the tangly thing (knutemor) as it ia called in norwegian.
  • Curious. Always curious about the new exercises.
  • Afraid, especially when we did the exercise where i was falling rowards and backwords into Daniel and Mari’s arms.
  • Awkward, when i was holding hands with someone i didn’t know and our palms started sweatting.

I felt these emotions because i don’t know the people in my class very well yet, and also because i am a very comfortable and confident person, but not in this setting. By that i mean that i dont like to go out of my comfortsone. Like, i have no problem being the loud and annoying kid in class that everybody has a love/hate relationship with or to, but when I comes to interracting with everybody on a more personal, detaled and less general level or way I can some times feel both awkward, afraid or uncomfortable as well as happy, excited and curious at the same time.

today i learned to know my calssmates a little better, and i got this better “view” of how our lessons are going to be.



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