Fieldtrip to Asker International School

On Thuesday 31st of May my calss and i where so lucky to get to visit Asker International School. The school includes all the grades form first to seventh, and therfore it is an elementary school. We got to know first, second and fifth grade the best, because that’s whom we spen the most time with and worked with through different activities.

We started the day off by recieving a little lecture from Mr. Mark, in how to behave and speak around the children. He made us aware of how different the language we use when we speak to others our age is compared to how we were going to speak to the children. I thought it was good that he mentioned this part due to the fact that i know we can use a rough and not a very sofisticated language, which itsn’t approperiate around small children.

For the first part of the day we where introdused to reading with the first and second graders , which for me was a very enlightening experience. I would never have though that do such an exercise would give me so much joy. I honestly don’t remember tha last time i felt so happy and important, and useful and just lucky to be given the oppertunity to do something for someone else.I was so surprised by how giving it was, and how good the children where both to us and academically.  In that moment i felt like i was a part of something greater, i thought; This job must be so  giving on a daily basis, and that if i ever was presented with the opportunity to teach, play og help younger children i would take it.

After reading with the first and second graders, the fifth graders  showed us a dance. The music didn’t work as planned in the commonroom so we had to move into the P.E. room, but when the thecnical errors where removed, they really shined like stars on the dancefloor! i was very impressed, and it was a good initiation to what came next. BAcause that was their version of a “in depth project”. I was profoundly amused and impressed by their presentations and work beforehand. I have to addmit that it was amazing to watch and ask questions and just listen to how dedicated they where to their projects.

We ended the day stationed on different posts spread around throughout the school yard, where every grade in the school participated in the different games. Our job varied form which teacher stood on the post, but for me it mostly consisted of getting to know the participants and helping them with their game tactics.

All in all it was an amusing day where i learned many things, incluing how giving it is to work with children (in my case small), and how much joy it brings to ones life. Though I saw that it could be demanding at times for the regular teachers, so i think i would preferre to be a sub rather then a regular teacher in a place like that.



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