Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway was one of the most well known writers from the lost generation, which was some of the most important writers of the history. Hemingway stood out from the other writers and artists of the lost generation by living a very full and adventurous life that, in the end, ended up being one of the origins to him becoming an alcoholic, which eventually led to his suicide.

Hemingway was born in Oak park Illinois on July 21st, in 1899. As a student he worked in the school paper and after his high school graduation, he went straight to work with newspapers in Kansas city, instead of going to collage. His literarily style later on had a lot to do with his background in journalism. In addition to being a writer he also had a great interest in bull fighting, and was a fisherman and hunter. He also participated in both the world wars, and some of his most famous and first writings, the sun also rises and farewell to arms, was written with inspiration from and based on his experiences in the first world war, where he served as an ambulance driver. He also served as a newspaper war correspondent during both the second world war and the Spanish civil war.

With people coming home from the first world war in 1918″the lost generation” was created in the people, and by the writers, and the first literarily definition of “the lost generation” was originally described as the generation of people born between 1883 and 1900, who where disillusioned by world war 1.  However, the definition of the lost generation by Gertrud Stein is much more precise and involves a big concept. It is so vast that there is no one definition, but a plural of different criteria that one would have to fulfil to go under the term “the lost generation”. These criteria are:

  • Group of American writers in the Post-World War One era who were:
  • Displeased with American social values, sexual and aesthetic conventions, and established morality
    • First fled to cities such as Chicago and San Francisco;
    • then to Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, and Rome (in particular, Montparnasse).
  • Disillusioned by World War One.
  • All pioneered new ways of writing, rebelling against the traditional Victorian literary style.

Hemingway got a reputation as a fearless physical writer among the lost generation, and surely he lived up to it, both on paper and in real life. His literarily style was so simple and to the point. His sentences so short and his significant ability to be so brief, where other needed page after page and sentences that were long and intricate, he was able to sya the same in just these short and seemingly straight foreword sentences. Hemingway strives to use vivid verbs and precise nouns rather than using many adjectives and adverbs. he also relies heavily on realistic dialogue as a method of characterization. Hemingway also stood out by being able to write many of his stories based on his life and his experiences and he were able to make facts become fiction in a new way.

This type of writing and particularly his way of writing dialogue has inspired and influenced many other writhers throughout both the 20th and the 21st century.

Later in life Hemingway was burdened with alcoholism and struggled with depression for a long time before he in 1961 committed suicide.




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