Is it brave to suffer in silence

I don’t think it is brave to suffer in silence if this suffering will affect the people around that person later because this person has been holding everything inside for too long. However, if he/she can handle it on their own without it becoming to much for them and it does not affect the people around that person in a negative way, well then yeah, it would be fine.  But i would not stretch it as far as saying that it is an act of bravery. because i think that nobody is strong enough to keep all their heavy emotional feelings or physical damage to them selves all the time without sharing it with anybody. And in the long haul that will probably cause more damage than just sharing it with someone you trust from the beginning.  Also in my personal opinion it is always easier to leg go of something hurtful after you have admitted it or talked to somebody about it. However, we have to be careful because when you share something with someone and their not allowed to share it with anybody else this might become a big weight on their shoulders after a while, and you don’t want you problems to ruin someone else’s lives would you?

So as a conclusion I would say that sharing your problems is brave if it´s not just another stone you put in your mates’ backpack on your way to the top so that you can carry less and less. Because at some point we all break. Plus, you friend might have some problems of their own to deal with, and you might just kill’em with yours, which hopefully never was the intention and would be very tragic.

well hope you enjoyed this litte consultation of mine,

anyway ttyl Bibbi


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