The expanding of the sex market, what are the consequences?

The sex market has, as well as all other markets around the world, developed and changed a tremendous amount during the last 10-20 years. The biggest change being the way it is distributed, and the increasing amount of production of both pornography and merchandise due to the amazing discovery, the world wide web (the internet or WIFI as it is called today). It is actually through this platform that the sex market flourished and has began to thrive. However, the internet has also caused a negative side to the sex industry. The bigger an industry becomes, the more “employees” are needed and wanted. This is a problem because even though it might provide money for more people and big porn distributers and gigolos, it does open the society up to a maybe too liberal view on what sex really is about and how we can treat people who are sex workers. And this has affected the public as well. This expansion and openness of the sex market has caused our culture around sex to change.


Let’s be honest, everyone has watched or watch porn regularly, and it is suddenly expected in most of the western societies to be open and general about ones’ sex life and experiences, ass well as it is expected that you never feel like anyone has done you injustice by asking about or suggesting sexual encounters. The fil industry doesn’t exactly help with producing high demand films like the fifty shades series, which only makes the S&M market blow through the roof, and creating an environment where filming abusive sex scenes is something an actor will have to accept inn order to “make it”. This sets and example for young girls and boys that there isn’t actually that big of a difference between working in the sex industry and working in the film industry, as well as bringing to the table that abusive methods of sex is suddenly okay.

Feedback from class week 35

So today in class we did som exercies for building trust and confindence inside our english group. I thought that was a good idea because i feel we are a somewhat quiet and shy class, exept for me of course. I thought the exercises were good, thoug we only scratched the surface when it comes to getting the other sudents to talk, raise tehir hands and participate because when we came back to the classroom the athmosphere had changed back to nervous, quiet and stiff, just like the first day. I think we need to work more in groups, and that Dave should to make us only speak english in class.

My expectations for the day was fulfilled except i really like watching  videos and discussing out loud woth the entire class afterwords, which we have not done yet because the calss does not participate enough yet, because we are still insecure aruond each other.

My emotions during the exercises where;

  • Uncomfortable, When we had to walk into eacho other with our eyes closed and suddenly some one stepped on my feet or i bumped in to someone i dont know.
  • Happy, when we were doing the tangly thing (knutemor) as it ia called in norwegian.
  • Curious. Always curious about the new exercises.
  • Afraid, especially when we did the exercise where i was falling rowards and backwords into Daniel and Mari’s arms.
  • Awkward, when i was holding hands with someone i didn’t know and our palms started sweatting.

I felt these emotions because i don’t know the people in my class very well yet, and also because i am a very comfortable and confident person, but not in this setting. By that i mean that i dont like to go out of my comfortsone. Like, i have no problem being the loud and annoying kid in class that everybody has a love/hate relationship with or to, but when I comes to interracting with everybody on a more personal, detaled and less general level or way I can some times feel both awkward, afraid or uncomfortable as well as happy, excited and curious at the same time.

today i learned to know my calssmates a little better, and i got this better “view” of how our lessons are going to be.


Fieldtrip to Asker International School

On Thuesday 31st of May my calss and i where so lucky to get to visit Asker International School. The school includes all the grades form first to seventh, and therfore it is an elementary school. We got to know first, second and fifth grade the best, because that’s whom we spen the most time with and worked with through different activities.

We started the day off by recieving a little lecture from Mr. Mark, in how to behave and speak around the children. He made us aware of how different the language we use when we speak to others our age is compared to how we were going to speak to the children. I thought it was good that he mentioned this part due to the fact that i know we can use a rough and not a very sofisticated language, which itsn’t approperiate around small children.

For the first part of the day we where introdused to reading with the first and second graders , which for me was a very enlightening experience. I would never have though that do such an exercise would give me so much joy. I honestly don’t remember tha last time i felt so happy and important, and useful and just lucky to be given the oppertunity to do something for someone else.I was so surprised by how giving it was, and how good the children where both to us and academically.  In that moment i felt like i was a part of something greater, i thought; This job must be so  giving on a daily basis, and that if i ever was presented with the opportunity to teach, play og help younger children i would take it.

After reading with the first and second graders, the fifth graders  showed us a dance. The music didn’t work as planned in the commonroom so we had to move into the P.E. room, but when the thecnical errors where removed, they really shined like stars on the dancefloor! i was very impressed, and it was a good initiation to what came next. BAcause that was their version of a “in depth project”. I was profoundly amused and impressed by their presentations and work beforehand. I have to addmit that it was amazing to watch and ask questions and just listen to how dedicated they where to their projects.

We ended the day stationed on different posts spread around throughout the school yard, where every grade in the school participated in the different games. Our job varied form which teacher stood on the post, but for me it mostly consisted of getting to know the participants and helping them with their game tactics.

All in all it was an amusing day where i learned many things, incluing how giving it is to work with children (in my case small), and how much joy it brings to ones life. Though I saw that it could be demanding at times for the regular teachers, so i think i would preferre to be a sub rather then a regular teacher in a place like that.


Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway was one of the most well known writers from the lost generation, which was some of the most important writers of the history. Hemingway stood out from the other writers and artists of the lost generation by living a very full and adventurous life that, in the end, ended up being one of the origins to him becoming an alcoholic, which eventually led to his suicide.

Hemingway was born in Oak park Illinois on July 21st, in 1899. As a student he worked in the school paper and after his high school graduation, he went straight to work with newspapers in Kansas city, instead of going to collage. His literarily style later on had a lot to do with his background in journalism. In addition to being a writer he also had a great interest in bull fighting, and was a fisherman and hunter. He also participated in both the world wars, and some of his most famous and first writings, the sun also rises and farewell to arms, was written with inspiration from and based on his experiences in the first world war, where he served as an ambulance driver. He also served as a newspaper war correspondent during both the second world war and the Spanish civil war.

With people coming home from the first world war in 1918″the lost generation” was created in the people, and by the writers, and the first literarily definition of “the lost generation” was originally described as the generation of people born between 1883 and 1900, who where disillusioned by world war 1.  However, the definition of the lost generation by Gertrud Stein is much more precise and involves a big concept. It is so vast that there is no one definition, but a plural of different criteria that one would have to fulfil to go under the term “the lost generation”. These criteria are:

  • Group of American writers in the Post-World War One era who were:
  • Displeased with American social values, sexual and aesthetic conventions, and established morality
    • First fled to cities such as Chicago and San Francisco;
    • then to Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, and Rome (in particular, Montparnasse).
  • Disillusioned by World War One.
  • All pioneered new ways of writing, rebelling against the traditional Victorian literary style.

Hemingway got a reputation as a fearless physical writer among the lost generation, and surely he lived up to it, both on paper and in real life. His literarily style was so simple and to the point. His sentences so short and his significant ability to be so brief, where other needed page after page and sentences that were long and intricate, he was able to sya the same in just these short and seemingly straight foreword sentences. Hemingway strives to use vivid verbs and precise nouns rather than using many adjectives and adverbs. he also relies heavily on realistic dialogue as a method of characterization. Hemingway also stood out by being able to write many of his stories based on his life and his experiences and he were able to make facts become fiction in a new way.

This type of writing and particularly his way of writing dialogue has inspired and influenced many other writhers throughout both the 20th and the 21st century.

Later in life Hemingway was burdened with alcoholism and struggled with depression for a long time before he in 1961 committed suicide.



Is it brave to suffer in silence

I don’t think it is brave to suffer in silence if this suffering will affect the people around that person later because this person has been holding everything inside for too long. However, if he/she can handle it on their own without it becoming to much for them and it does not affect the people around that person in a negative way, well then yeah, it would be fine.  But i would not stretch it as far as saying that it is an act of bravery. because i think that nobody is strong enough to keep all their heavy emotional feelings or physical damage to them selves all the time without sharing it with anybody. And in the long haul that will probably cause more damage than just sharing it with someone you trust from the beginning.  Also in my personal opinion it is always easier to leg go of something hurtful after you have admitted it or talked to somebody about it. However, we have to be careful because when you share something with someone and their not allowed to share it with anybody else this might become a big weight on their shoulders after a while, and you don’t want you problems to ruin someone else’s lives would you?

So as a conclusion I would say that sharing your problems is brave if it´s not just another stone you put in your mates’ backpack on your way to the top so that you can carry less and less. Because at some point we all break. Plus, you friend might have some problems of their own to deal with, and you might just kill’em with yours, which hopefully never was the intention and would be very tragic.

well hope you enjoyed this litte consultation of mine,

anyway ttyl Bibbi

Enjoy, cause i certainly didn´t :)

A Poem analysis of Ride by Benjamin Zephaniah

-Written by Bibbi

My immediate reaction to the title “Ride” is that there are so many thoughts popping in to my head about how this word has such a different meaning to different people. I mean I will always connect this word to how our lives is a rollercoaster ride with its up and downs, however in this poem I think it is more specific. Not about life in general,  but about this one incident or “ride” out of many more rides/tours to come and discover.


                                                                                                          Simple translation:

We first met on a golden night                                           they met on a a doc by
As the moon radiated love light                                          a bay and forgot every
On the dock of the bay.                                                      thing and every one.
Somewhere between the real deal and an illusion  à     They let them selves live
We lay unapologetically                                                     in the moment for once.
Stroking each others lack of responsibility.

‘I want to be a poet,’                                                     She is talking about her
She said looking over the mountain,                            inner thoughts and
‘I want to be a hippy,’                                                   throwing it all out there.
She said checking out me natty dread,                       Dreaming. Telling him about
‘I want to be political,’                                      à         everything that goes unsaid
She whispered as she admired my scars,                and unseen everyday.
‘I may not look it, but I’m really oppressed,’
She said smiling,
Handing me her welfare book.

The sea lassoed the shore
Time and night hovered towards daylight                He is in this paragraph
And bellyfilled foxes sniffed their way home. à      Describing his surroundings to
She put the blanket over her head                          create a specific mood.
Farted, and fell asleep.

The next time I saw her
She was trying to find The Goddess of Plenty,             She tells him that she is using
Desperately seeking the freeway                                  him for his body and money
And after me money.                                           à      and seems to think that’s okay.
‘It’s different for women,’ she said                                 And the next time he meets her
‘We can use men for their bodies                                  she runs him over with a weel-
Men do it to us all the time.’                                           chair. Not crazy at all.
The next time I saw her
She ran over me with her wheelchair.

The speaker is Benjamin and he is going through a heart break at some point in his life. Not nessasarly a break up with a girl, because I think the girl might be used as a symbol for something else (like the break of him not being treated right because of his background?)


Farted is a word that for me brings out the feeling of something gross and smelly, not fitting the theme for the first part but in a controversial way makes you more prepared for the last part that is kind of grotesque. Also the word whisper makes me think of intimacy.

And last but not least I reacted with surprise to how this “Its different for women, “she said. “We can use men for their bodies, Men do it to us all the time. “As one of the last sentences in the poem changed its meaning for me completely. The last part in this poem is where the storyline dramatically shifts without much notice.

The narrators´ attitude in this poem is heartbroken but surprised, and this u can notice by the way he ends his poem with making an extremely dramatically experience simple and raw.

So now the title to me is much more specific because I now understand which “ride” he is talking about. And I will end this analysis with deciding that the theme, for me, is love, surprise and disappointment in that exact order.